Why are we called asquare?

Since the day we started work, there’s just been one question that everyone has…why "asquare"?

We ask you, WHY NOT a square?

We could tell you that “A” or “Aleph” is considered to be the most sacred of letters in many cultures and that we want these positive vibes for ourselves and our clients. Not just once, but twice over!


We could say that “A” has the maximum number of positive words in the English language (adventurous, articulate,…the list goes on!) and that we want this goodness to reflect in our relationship with our clients. Not just once, but twice over!


For all you know, asquare could just be a square…one pink-colored square!

In other words, asquare can be anything. Therein lies the essence of what we believe in—we can be anything you want us to be.

In our world, there are no rigid, this-or-nothing solutions. Just simple ones.

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